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EMC testsEMC testsTests of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electrical and electronical products
All electrical and electronic products placed on the market are potentially threatened by electromagnetic radiation from nearby equipment. There are also requirements on products placed on the market to comply with the limits for electromagnetic radiation. The electromagnetic compatibility of products (EMC) is often underrated already in the product design phase. EMC Testing Laboratory of TSU Piestany disposes of the professional equipment and years of practical experience in testing and EMC and we are ready to help you to place your products on the market more quickly and easily.

We provide following services in the field of electromagnetic compatibility:
  • tests of emissions and resistance of electromagnetic compatibility in accredited testing laboratory of TSU,
  • tests according to harmonized standards, as well as the requirements of the customer and internal regulations,
  • consulting and advisory services in the field of EMC,
  • conformity assessment by the Notified Body of EU with identification number 1299 in accordance with the requirements of Council Directive 2014/30/ EU - Electromagnetic
    Compatibility and Government Regulation 127/2016 Coll. EMC.

We provide following measurements and tests of emissions in the EMC test chamber:

Tests EMC emissions:
  • Measurement of the conducted emission
  • Measurement of disturbance power
  • Measurement of radiated emission
  • Measurement of harmonic current emission
  • Measurement of voltage fluctuation flicker

Tests of susceptibility against electromagnetic influences:
  • tests of susceptibility to electrostatic discharge (ESD tests)
  • immunity to radiated, radio-frequency, electromagnetic fields,
  • immunity to electrical fast transients / burst,
  • impact immunity,
  • immunity tests of interference induced by radio-frequency fields spread by the conductance,
  • immunity to magnetic fields at mains frequency,
  • immunity to voltage drop, short interrupts and voltage fluctuation.

Categories of equipment for EMC testing services:
  • consumer products
  • appliances for household and similar purposes,
  • portable power tools,
  • lighting,
  • IT equipment,
  • medical devices,
  • electrical and electronic toys,
  • electrical equipment of machines,
  • industrial equipment

Advantages of tests on products made in the EMC testing laboratory of TSU:
  • to save time and money - measurements and modifications of products during their design and development phase can reduce the costs for additional modifications to finished products
  • to ensure the compliance with the legislation of EMC Directive and CE marking
  • to evaluate the conformity of product by an independent third party - accredited laboratory,
  • to increase your competitiveness - by placing of tested products onto the market


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