Calibration of measuring instruments for length, temperature, humidity, pressure, electric values, emissions, imissions. Verification of legal measures. Calibration of scales.

Acoustic pressure Verification of legal measures of acoustic pressure by the means of working standard measure of the laboratory.
  • sound level meters
  • band-pass filters
  • measuring microphones
  • acoustic calibrators
  • personal acoustic exposure meters

Final output is the certificate on verification and verification mark.

Calibration of measures of acoustic pressure. Output is the calibration certificate and calibration mark.

Accreditation details:
Certificate on accreditation issued by: Slovak National Accreditation Service (SNAS) Bratislava
Certificate No.: K-021
Issued: 10th October 2014
End of validity: 10th October 2019

Authorization No: 2013/900/005127/02227
Issued: 21th October 2013
End of validity: 12nd November 2018

Last update: 3. 7. 2015

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