Certification of QMS, persons, products. Solar Keymark certification

Keymark Certification

A Keymark can only be issued by an empowered “certification body” after the product has been tested by an accredited “test lab”. The certification body is the organisation responsible for awarding Keymark certificates and the test lab is the organisation responsible for all the testing.

TSU Piestany is empowered certification body and accredited testing laboratory for thermal solar products. It’s unique certification body for the Keymark in Central Europe and the only accredited laboratory for the Keymark in Slovak Republic.

To obtain Keymark certification it is essential that the product tested is a sample taken randomly from the current production or stock by an independent inspector. Furthermore, the production and Quality Management System as implemented at the factory will be checked by an independent inspector on site. The certification bodies are empowered by the CEN Certification Board (CCB).

Key requirements:

  • The initial product test takes place at an accredited test lab
  • A sample of products is selected by an inspector out of production or stock
  • The factory needs to have a production control system (similar to ISO 9000 series)- this factory production control system is checked regularly by an inspector
  • The product is physically inspected every two years
  • Maintaining the Keymark requirements:
    Annual check:
  • of manufacturing Quality Management System documentation
  • pay the annual certification fee

  • Every two years:
  • physical inspection of the Keymark certified products selected from production or stock by an inspector

  • Continuous:
  • report product changes to certification body

  • To initiate the Keymark certification process, the best way is to contact certification bodies. The certification body will then advise the customer on the procedure to follow - the first step is usually to fill in an application form.

    On the Keymark website www.solarkeymark.org, you will find latest updates and news about the Solar Keymark


    98-001_application_form_keymark_certification.pdf application form keymark certification.pdf [68,29 kB]
    98-002_application_form_keymark_certification.rtf application form keymark certification.rtf [4,54 MB]

    Additional info

    Keymark Certification Bodies

    List of contacts

    Ing. Dušan HANKO
    Head of Product Certification Body
    Deputy of Head of Product Certification Body