Verification of requirements on technical equipment safety

Verification of the fulfilment of requirements on technical equipment safety according to the Act No. 124/2006 Coll.

Official test
Official test is to verify that the restricted technical equipment before commissioning is capable of safe operation, including its operation and whether it corresponds to the design documentation to which an expert opinion was issued.

The official test shall be performed:
  • before commissioning of the restricted technical equipment,
  • after installation of the restricted technical equipment on site and after reconstruction in the case of gas equipment,
  • after repair of the pressure line by welding in the case of pressure and gas equipment.


List of contacts

Ing. Peter PAGÁČ
Head of the Inspection Body
Ing. Marián KOVÁČ
Deputy Head of Inspection Body, Head of Inspection Body in Zilina
Deputy Head of Inspection Body
Ing. Gabriela ŠIMONOVÁ
Inspection Body Operator