List of products for testing and specialized services

Appliances burning gaseous fuelsAppliances burning gaseous fuels
Tested products:
  • kettles burning gaseous fuels
  • water heaters burning gaseous fuels
  • dark and light infra-red heaters for gaseous fuels
  • room heaters for gaseous fuels
  • heaters for liquid hydrocarbon gas
  • household cookers burning gaseous fuels
  • portable appliances - touristic
  • gastro appliances burning gaseous fuels for mass catering

Services and tests of our laboratory:
  • tests of functionality
  • parameters of appliances - input power, power, efficiency
  • combustion perfection
  • safety of appliances - safeguarding elements, control automatics of burners, emergency situations
  • temperature of controls, protective elements, surface temperatures of appliances
  • safety instructions on appliances
  • manufacturer's plates - signs, technical data, countries of destination
  • user manuals, installation manuals, packaging and marks on packaging
  • if the appliance is equipped with electrical device - electric safety and EMC

List of standards and legislation
  • EN 15502-2-1, EN 15502-2-2, EN 303-3
  • EN 30-1, EN 30-2
  • EN 203-1, EN 203-2
  • EN 613, EN 1020, EN 497, EN 498, EN 521, EN 449, EN 621, EN 89
  • Regulation (EU) Appliances burning gaseous fuels : 2016/426
  • Directive on efficiency of new hot water boilers: 92/42/EEC

    - Certificate (issued by COCV Dept.)

    Last update:27.02.2018

List of contacts

Ing. Jozef PILLÁR
Testing Engineer

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