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Anechoic chamber for EMC testingAnechoic chamber for EMC testingTests of household appliances, residential, commercial and light industry devices in anechoic test chamber
Tests of emission of devices and of resistance to the impacts of electromagnetic compatibility in EMC anechoic chamber supplied by ETS Lindgren, a world leader in the field of electromagnetic compatibility.

EMC anechoic chamber is suitable for measuring frequency disturbance tests for household appliances according to EN 55014-1, facilities for residential areas, business and light-industrial environments in accordance with EN 61000-6-3 and equipment for the industry in accordance with EN 61000-6-4 . Also, EMC anechoic chamber is used for testing of the resistance to radiated high-frequency electromagnetic fields (eg. according to EN 61000-4-3, EN 55014-2, EN 61000-6-1 and EN 61000-6-2).

Basic parameters of EMC anechoic chamber:
  • measuring distance from tested equipment 3m,
  • measurement frequency from 26 MHz to 18 GHz,
  • homogeneity of the field of tested equipment according to IEC / EN specifications 1.5 meters x 2.0 meters (maximum dimensions of the tested equipment)
  • maximum weight of the equipment under test 500kg,
  • modulation (AM, FM, pulse),
  • intensity of radiated field up to 20V/m (at 80% AM modulation)
  • support peripherals: compressed air (up to 9 bar), water (up to 4 bar), AC power (single or three phase 230/400V AC, 32A, 50Hz), DC power supply (382V DC, 100A), a colour camera system with the possibility of recording, full control remoted from the control room, autofocusing.
  • the measuring device can be placed on a table or on the floor (built-in rotation plate operated from a control room).

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