List of products for testing and specialized services

Solar collectorsSolar collectorsTest of pressure resistance, pressure losts of solar collectors. Testing according EN 12975-2:2006.
Performed testing
Solar systems and solar collectors testing laboratory provides performance of all
the tests required by STN EN 12975-1Standard „Thermal solar systems
and components. Solar collectors. General requirements“.

Reliability testing
  • Internal pressure test for absorber
  • High-temperature resistance test
  • Exposure test
  • External thermal shock test
  • Internal thermal shock test
  • Rain penetration test
  • Freeze resistance test
  • Mechanical load test
  • Impact resistance test

Thermal performance

Determination of pressure drop

Another informations
Solar Keymark Certification

List of contacts

Ing. Mário ZEMKO
Head of Machinery and Production Devices Testing Body
Ing. Stanislav ZÁMEČNÍK
Testing Engineer

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