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Annual inspection of playgrounds, infrared termography, inspections, business premises for rent.

InspectionsAccredited inspection body type A performs inspection activities according to requirements of the Act No. 133/2013 Coll. on construction products and on amendments of certain acts.
- Certificate of conformity of the factory production control.
- Report on result of the inspection.

Accreditation details:
Certificate issued by: SNAS Bratislava
Certificate No.: I-007
Date of issue: 14st October 2013
End of validity: 14st October 2018


103-001_ziadost_priebezny_dohlad.rtf ziadost priebezny dohlad.rtf [311,01 kB]
103-002_ziadost_priebezny_dohlad.pdf ziadost priebezny dohlad.pdf [38,76 kB]
103-003_application_continuous_surveillance.rtf application continuous surveillance.rtf [311,18 kB]
103-004_application_continuous_surveillance.pdf application continuous surveillance.pdf [35,1 kB]

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Certificate on accreditation