Certification of QMS, persons, products. Solar Keymark certification

The Keymark for manufacturers
The Solar Keymark was created to certify solar thermal products of high quality at European level. The aim is to reduce trade barriers and promote the use of high quality solar thermal products in the European market and beyond. Benefits of the Solar Keymark for manufacturers:
  • simpler testing procedure
  • one test valid for all European countries
  • freedom of choice amongst the accredited test labs
  • easier introduction of new products in different European countries
  • simplified procedures for replacing components in certified products
  • 8 reasons why manufacturers need the Solar Keymark:
    1. Reduced testing and administration costs
    2. Certified product
    3. Enhanced customer confidence
    4. New opportunities to increase your turnover
    5. Better image for your company
    6. Enduring quality image of the solar thermal industry
    7. “Passport” to European solar thermal markets
    8. Access to subsidy schemes
    Certification in the Solar Keymark system

    List of contacts

    Ing. Dušan HANKO
    Head of Product Certification Body
    Deputy of Head of Product Certification Body