Certification of QMS, persons, products. Solar Keymark certification

Certification of products

TSÚ Piešťany performs according to Accreditation Certificate No. P-018 granted by Slovak National Accreditation Service according to ISO/IEC17065 the certification of machinery, equipment, devices and units intended to use in household, services, machinery, gas, printing, chemical and wood-working industry, certification of metallurgical products, steel ropes, consumer goods, gaming machines and construction products

Certification of Quality management system
Certification of quality management systems according to requirement of standard EN ISO 9001 as CERTITECH – certification body of management systems accredited by SNAS No. Q-007 according to standard ISO/IEC 17 021. It also carries out the certification of quality management systems for medical devices according to ISO 13485 in the scope of accredited activities listed in the appendix of certificate Q-083.

Certification in KEYMARK system
Testing and certification solar thermal systems and collector.

List of contacts

Ing. Igor KURUC, CSc.
Designated as CEO, Director of Certification, Inspection and Staff Development
Ing. Dušan HANKO
Head of Product Certification Body