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Seminar on robotics

Ing. Peter Pagáč, Head of the TSU inspection body, participated in the "SEMINAR IN THE BOX" focused on robotics, which took place on 22.11.2018 in the premises of ELESKO Wine Park in Modra.
The seminar was organized by the company Universal Robots in cooperation with MTS, spol. s r.o. Ing. Peter Pagáč had the presentation about "APPLICATION OF COLABORATORY ROBOTS IN THE CONTEXT OF THE EU AND SR LEGISLATION". Participants gained information on the application of legislative regulations in the production and integration of collaborative robots into production processes, with an emphasis on the importance of lifelong learning process in this area. External consultant of TSÚ Piešťany, š.p., Ing. Gabriel Nosko (NOMIGROUP s.r.o.) delivered the lecture "COLLECTIVE ROBOTICS - SAFETY IN OPERATION". The lecture brought information about the responsibilities of operators, the importance of risk assessment, security threats and the conclusion of the findings from practice in the operation of machinery and automation technology in Slovakia.
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