Customer satisfaction

Customer's satisfaction enquiry

We always enjoy the feedback from our clients and business partners. The aim of this form is to learn about customer's satisfaction and the results will be used to improve our services.

Answer - Evaluation
1. Please, choose the service you want to evaluate.
2. Have you ever used our services in the field of testing, certification, attestation, inspections?
3. Have you ever used our services in the field of metrology - calibration, verification?
4. Was the output of the evaluated service a certificate?
5. How often do you visit our website
6. What other services did you use in the past in our organization?
Level of recently used services:
7. Quality of our service
8. Effectivity of our service
9. Skills and competence of our staff
10. Staff members' approach and communication
11. Accessibility of information about our services
12. Are you satisfied with the overall level of our services?
Tips for improvement:
13. What do you consider to be our strenghts?
14. What do you consider to be our weaknesses?
15. Suggestions for improvement of our next cooperation
16. Which service do you miss in our offer?

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