Calibration of measuring instruments for length, temperature, humidity, pressure, electric values, emissions, imissions. Verification of legal measures. Calibration of scales.

VibrationCalibration of measures of vibration, such as vibrometers, sensors, calibrators of vibration.
Calibration by comparising with standard measure of the laboratory.

Accreditation details:
Certificate on accreditation issued by: Slovak National Accreditation Service (SNAS) Bratislava
Certificate No.: K-021
Issued: 10th October 2014
End of validity: 10th October 2019

Calibration is provided by accredited metrological laboratory of Technical Acoustic and Consumer Goods Testing Body.

Last update: 3rd July 2015


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Certificate on accreditation

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Head of Metrological Laboratory
Ing. Dušan LETKO
Testing Engineer of Technical Acoustics
Branislav MATÚŠ
Laboratory Operator
Laboratory Operator