Calibration of measuring instruments for length, temperature, humidity, pressure, electric values, emissions, imissions. Verification of legal measures. Calibration of scales.

Electric quantitiesCalibration of measures of electric quantities: voltage, current, power, electrical resistance, oscilloscopes
The result of calibration is certificate on calibration issued by accredited workstation and the calibration plate.

Calibration of control instruments.

Accreditation details:
Certificate on accreditation issued by: Slovak National Accreditation Service (SNAS) Bratislava
Certificate No.: K-021
Issued: 10th October 2014
End of validity: 10th October 2019

Accreditation is valid for ranges of electric quantities listed in the table.


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Additional info

Certificate on accreditation

VoltageDC 10 mV - 1000V, AC 10 mV - 1000 V
CurrentDC 10 μA - 20 A / 1000 A, AC 100 μA - 20 A / 1000 A
Electrical resistance ranges10 Ω - 100 MΩ
Ohmmeter1 Ω - 12 GΩ
PowerDC 10 mV - 1000 V / 0,1 mA - 20 A, AC 10 mV - 1000 V / 1 mA - 20A / 45 Hz - 10 kHz
Oscilloscopesup to 1 GHz
Frequency measures (not scalers)20 mHz - 1 GHz

List of contacts

Head of Metrological Laboratory
Ing. Peter MATI
Laboratory Operator
Martin CEPKO
Laboratory Operator