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Tensile impact test at ambient temperatureTensile impact test at ambient temperatureTensile impact test at ambient temperature according to EN 10002-1.

Mechanical test of different materials and products up to 400 kN at the universal shredders of series FP 10 and EDZ 40 in haue, pressure and flexure of plastics, gums, foils, textile, yarn, threads, paper, packing materials, wires and springs, further for weld and stitch tests, for separating and leafing tests.

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  • Accreditation details:
  • Certificate issued by: SNAS Bratislava
  • Certificate No.: S-047 Certificate on accreditation - English version
  • Date of issue: 3rd December 2014
  • End of validity: 13th September 2018

  • Last update: 8th December 2014


    Additional info

    Certificate on accreditation

    Measuring rangeup to 10 kN and up to 400 kN

    List of contacts

    Ing. Denis SAMKO
    Testing Engineer
    Ing. Peter POLLÁK
    Testing Engineer

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