List of products for testing and specialized services

Vibration tests
Vibration tests are used to verify the robustness, reliability, durability and quality of products to:
  • sinusoidal vibrations,
  • random broadband vibrations,
  • shocks.

Application of vibration tests:
  • tests of resistance to external environmental influences;
  • fatigue tests;
  • durability tests;
  • seismic tests;
  • transport tests.

Typical categories of tested products:
  • automotive industry,
  • consumer electronics,
  • white and black technology,
  • telecommunications,
  • aviation.

Advantages of vibration tests inTSU Testing Body:
  • save time and money - measurements and modifications of products during the design and development phase reduce the costs of additional modifications to finished products,
  • increase of competitiveness - placement of tested products on the market.

Test protocol

Accreditation details:

Certificate issued by: SNAS Bratislava
Certificate No.: S-047 Certificate on accreditation - English version
Date of issue: 3rd December 2014
End of validity: 13th September 2018

List of contacts

Head of the Testing Body
Ing. Martin JAMBOR
Testing Engineer of Technical Acoustics

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