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Environmental testingEnvironmental testingEnvironmental testing - temperature and climatic tests
Test of the impact of the enviroment (temperature / humidity) on products, such as machines, products of electrotechnical and automotive industry, etc.
Exposion of specimen to controlled thermal and climatic conditions (temperature, humidity and combination of both).

Characteristics of test chamber:
  • Volume of testing area: 335 dm3
  • Dimensions of testing area 540x750x765 mm (width x height x depth)

Thermal test:
  • Maximal temperature: +180 °C
  • Minimal teperature: -40 °C
  • Maximal speed of temperature change – heating: 3,2 K/min
  • Maximal speed of temperature change – cooling: 4 K/min

Climatic tests:
  • Temperature range: +10 °C ÷ 95 °C
  • Temperature fluctuations: ±0,3 K in time
  • Temperature range of dewing point: +4 °C ÷ 94 °C
  • Humidity range: 10 ÷ 95 % of relative humidity,
  • Humidity fluctuations: ±1 ÷ ± 3 of relative humidity

Technical standart for tests:
  • IEC 60068-2
  • ISO 16750-4:2010
  • and others according to customer requirements

Last update: 28.02.2017


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Testing space capacity335 dm3
Dimension of the test area540x750x765 mm (w x h x d)

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