List of products for testing and specialized services

Hose reels and hose systems with lay-flat hoseHose reels and hose systems with lay-flat hose
  • testing of hose reels and hose systems with lay-flat hose according to standard EN 671-1 and EN 671-2
  • testing of pillar and underground fire hydrants according to standards EN 14339 and EN 14384
  • testing of portable fire extinguishers according to standards EN 3-6, EN 3-7, EN 3-8 and EN 3-9
  • testing of fire-fighting hoses according to standards EN 14540 and EN 694

Output: Testing protocol

Accreditation details:
Certificate issued by: SNAS Bratislava
Certificate No.: S-047 Certificate on accreditation - English version
Date of issue: 3rd December 2014
End of validity: 13th September 2018

Last update: 23.02.2017


34-002_offer_of_services_fire_fighting_equipment.pdf offer of services fire fighting equipment.pdf [263,8 kB]

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Certificate on accreditation

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Ing. Marcel SVOBODA
Head of Technical Equipment of Buildings and Constructions Testing Body
Testing Engineer

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