Accreditation List of accredited laboratories TSU Piestany
TSU Piestany has accredited testing and metrological laboratories according to STN EN 17025:2005 by Slovak National Accreditation Service (SNAS)

The range of accreditation:

Testing Body TSÚ

CERTITECH - Management Systems Certification Body (QMS)

A type Inspection Body

Metrological Laboratory

Certification Body Certifying Products

CERTICOS - certification body of persons


111-001_osvedcenie_i_007.jpg osvedcenie i 007.jpg [2,13 MB]
111-002_akreditacia_k_016_zvukomery.pdf akreditacia k 016 zvukomery.pdf [1,65 MB]
111-003_osvedcenie_o_akred_k_021.jpg osvedcenie o akred k 021.jpg [2,04 MB]
111-004_osvedcenie_o_akreditacii_o_018.jpg osvedcenie o akreditacii o 018.jpg [1,15 MB]
111-005_osvedcenie_o_akreditacii_s047.pdf osvedcenie o akreditacii s047.pdf [217,08 kB]
111-006_osvedcenie_q007.pdf osvedcenie q007.pdf [1,66 MB]
111-007_certificate_on_accreditation_k021.jpg certificate on accreditation k021.jpg [1,51 MB]
111-008_priloha_k_osvedceniu_s047.pdf priloha k osvedceniu s047.pdf [1,94 MB]
111-009_osvedcenie_o_akreditacii_p018.pdf osvedcenie o akreditacii p018.pdf [209,71 kB]
111-010_priloha_k_osvedceniu_p018.pdf priloha k osvedceniu p018.pdf [600,49 kB]
111-011_rozsah_akreditacie_certicos.pdf rozsah akreditacie certicos.pdf [1,48 MB]
111-012_scope_of_accreditation_cocv.pdf scope of accreditation cocv.pdf [140,68 kB]

List of contacts

Ing. Igor KURUC, CSc.
Director of Certification, Inspection and Staff Development
Ing. Dušan HANKO
Head of Product Certification Body